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The effectiveness of any organisation is measured in terms of the extent to which it achieves its objectives

Everybody in the organisation is responsible for achieving these objectives and the role of training contributes to this achievement in a number of ways:

 At a basic level we are interested that individuals can perform competently in their jobs.  In fact many of our trainers are employed to operate in very specific areas to ensure specific tasks are carried out in precise ways within certain time scales.

On a more long term basis it forms part of the company strategy.  It can involve leadership, team and organisational issues which impact on the long term achievement of organisation strategy.  It can also contribute to the development of the organisation by examining current methods, values and standards.


Objectives in some organisations are sometimes easy to understand – they are plastered over all the walls and is called a mission statement’

There are other objectives which may not be so straight forward and can involve things like change which the organisation will try to resist such as multi-tasking

Other training objectives which we try to achieve may come up against ‘office politics’ – a particular manager more interested in his or her own career than the success of the business or individual.  Therefore training may be seen as a threat.

Areas of Training needs of the organisation that we offer


New Products

Service and Hospitality


System TQM

Ownership Change

Accquisition, Merger, or structural change

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