Change Management


Course Description

 Change is here to stay. Changes are accelerating and cultures, not accustomed to change, find the change forces disruptive and stressful.

This course is aimed at working alongside change ‘drivers’ so that businesses can thrive with change rather than struggle against it.

The course considers the forces of change in an organisation and develops the appropriate techniques for dealing with individual situations.

Aims :
                       1.To establish the need for change management

                       2.To identify and practice some change management techniques

                       3.To produce a plan for change relevant to the delegates’ own
                          organisational and team needs

This course suits:

Those managers and professionals who are charged with managing or implementing change programmes or those who are finding the imposition of change on their working lives difficult to deal with.

What delegates will gain from the course:

An understanding of the impact of change

That change can be effectively managed into a positive experience

Knowledge of techniques to assist in the process of working with change forces

Confidence in dealing with change in the future

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