Trainer Training


Course Aims to:

    * Provide a full coverage of important training skills.

    * Ensure training meets business and personal goals.

    * Help trainers to have the self-confidence and presence they’ll need        to get results.


Course Content

You will learn :

     * The Do’s and Don’ts of training.

    * How to project the “right” image to learners

    * How to recognise staff learning styles  and adapt

       training accordingly

    * How to effectively listen and thereby gain learners

       trust and enthusiasm.

    * How to use prevention before a problem develops.

    * How to act assertively but not aggressively with

       challenging staff.

    * How to assist “difficult” staff.

    * How to check that your training is really effective.


Who will benefit:

 All personnel involved in Supervision, Delegation or Management

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